"the world is a beautiful place" ..is it?

your rediculous

your so idiotic

your a stupid dumbass girl who can shut it

your somebody who obviously has no life

your not trustworthy

your an attention grabbbbberrrr…. big time. and you know what sucks? you fuckin get the attention. hahaha people are so damn stupid for paying any attention to you and your lies. dumb dumb girls.

If you love your mom. Repost this. One girl didn’t and her mom died 4 days later.










not risking it




Defiantly not risking it, no way in hell.

the risk

omg what if…. i luv u mom ~


lololololol noah


okay i really dont care what you have to say. all that matters is that im fine and i know what im getting into. if you were my real friend you’d shut ur damn mouths and let me live. i get it.. its messy.. ill fricken handle it. i hate when people think you dont know what your doing. i know exactly what im doing so hush up.. damn. its getting really annoying.


sorry i havent posted in so long. i got really busy for a while there but i suppose im back.. only because things aren’t going to well lately guys:\

the human brain races a thousand thoughts in one second. tonight i was listening to music in the car with my mom and all of a sudden she threw a plastic cup out the window. i hate when people litter it makes me think mother natures gonna turn on all of us ungrateful assholes, tweek out and just explode. where would we be without mother earth? thats right.. nowhere. but back to the point here.. so i got kinda scared and started thinking all these weird things about polution and global warming and shit because im weird like that. then i thought about something that recently struck my sister and her boyfriend really hard. they lost a friend monday night to an accident, there was another person in the car whos barley just makeing it.. i didnt know the people to well but i have met them and heard a lot about them. just think.. in one instant, everything you know and love is gone.. it seems sick and just unreal. i cant really remember the last time i felt this way.. i feel like this shouldnt have such a big impact on me but unfortunatly with my over active mind.. it does. me and my sister have been together since the befor i can remember, we’ve never been apart untill this summer when she decided to move out on me. sometimes i feel like its me against the world without her. we’ve been through so much together and i cant help but break down knowing she’s going through this right now and when she crys im crying, when she laughs im laughing, when she’s okay.. i’ll be okay. but untill then idk what im gonna do. ever since i heard about the accident nothing in my mind has been the same.. i over think everthing.. every moment i spend with certain people is more valuable to me.. when i look at my mom and russ laughing together it makes me happy they’re able to share that joy together because you never know when you’ll lose the person you love wether its your wife or husband or mother or father, best friend, or grandparents. the world is unpredictable that way, we’ll never have a way of knowing.. ever. so the world says “just keeping liveing, day to day, live like its your last day” but is it really possible to do that?

Day Twenty 6,7,8,9

The last person you made a pinky promise to ?

Uh I can’t remember hahah.

The friendliest person you knew for one day ?

Nobodys nice in this world but good try.

Somebody who changed your life?

Personally I think everybody I know has changed my life. If I didn’t end up meeting certain people.. I don’t know where I would be but this one probably would go to Mike Mckie ha. He knows why and it’s to personal to explain on here.

The person you want to tell everything to but are afraid to ?

I can’t say their name on here. But I just want to tell them how much they meant to me and how bad my mistakes were but they made some too so it wasn’t only me and I wish we could just rationaly talk about this but they refuse to talk to me.. you broke up with me? I don’t understand what runs through your mind about us but you know what .. it’s over now and it’ll never be “us” again so it’s whatever.. dry the tears and move on to the next one.


Day Twenty-three,4,5

Last person you kissed?

I’d rather not talk about it..

Who gave you your favorite memory?

idk all my friends are weird and I remember every second of it.

The person you know going through the hardest time?

That’s not my place to say on here..

Day Twenty-Two

Somebody you wish you could give a second chance to

Well.. lets say there was a person I wanted to be with again.. wouldn’t that mean he should give me a second chance? Or maybe this means that somebody wanted me again but they hurt me so bad that I couldn’t bring myself to give them another chance because of what happend. Either way I don’t care about me getting a second chance or giveing them out or anything else that has to do with chances so screw it.

Day Twenty-One

Somebody you judged on first impression

Um idk I can’t think of anybody right now. This is a stupid question.. goooddnight.


hi i love taylor marie bucchanio. this isn’t her writing on this or anything either..and fed’s not in the shower either… oh i have a life:) well looks like it’s time to go cus my brownies are burning…bye

Day Nineteen&Twenty

Somebody that pesters your mind, good or bad

Uh some kid. Sometimes I even reread the text messages leading me on to feel what I do for him. It actually sucks cause he isn’t loyal and I know that but who knows, maybe we’ll end up in something good. Just some stuff he says on the phone or in a text message i’m always stuck thinking about it and if there was a deeper meaning in it. I recently told him a little bit of how I felt which isn’t alot but I don’t know.. we’ll see how it goes when we hangout and see if his words still run through my mind then.

The person who broke your heart the most

People have hurt me.. really bad but now I realize nobody’s broken my heart. I’m still capable of feeling for somebody so I don’t believe those assholes in the past got to me that bad. They’re immature and can’t deal with their own mistakes and take shit out on me but i’m alive and kickin. Nobody’s bringing me down.