"the world is a beautiful place" ..is it?
Day Seventeen&Eighteen

Somebody from your childhood

Joey B. haha I used to live with my grandparents and I had a best friend. We did a lot of stupid stuff together. We’d run around and he’d steal my dolls and throw them down hills and such haha. He ran over the worms I was trying to save when it would rain. We used to race down the scary hills.. or hills we used to think were scary anyway. Mannhunt together, everything. I got in touch with him again and i’m glad I did.

The person you wish you could be

I wish I could be what everybody wants me to be and live my life how everybody else wants me to. I wish I liked to match my clothes but sometimes I don’t. I wish I cared about the holes in my jeans.. to bad I don’t. I wish I didn’t care so much about what this one person thinks of me.. I wish I didn’t get so attatched so quickly. I wish I could help polution rate ha. I wish I could save everybody who needed to be saved. I wish I could have something cool i’m good at like most people. I wish I wasn’t such a kiss ass to people I like. I wish I could fix all my flaus quicker then I am.

I don’t wish to change, but grow to these things.

Day Sixteen

Somebody that’s not in your state or country

My Grandmother and Grandfather. They live in Sicily.. boy do I miss them ha. I wish everyday that they would just move back here. I actually used to live with them which is why they’re so important to me. I miss them so much and sometimes I don’t talk to them as much as I used to. I feel like shit when I go through those times where I don’t talk to them constantly because the day they go is the day my world crashes down. And I know i’ll regret everyday that I didn’t talk to them or those times where I was talking to them but to distracted by the tv or computer to care what they were saying.. I’m gonna stop thinking about this now.

You say you hate to see me hurt, and you hate to see me cry. So all those times that you hurt me, did you close your eyes?
Day Fifteen

The person you miss the most

I really miss somebody who I used to know this year. We were really good friends. Knew everything and more about eachother. But what can you do? shit ends.. the end.

Day Fourteen

One person you’ve drifted from.

"vallypoo." hah ..

Well there’s obviously been a lot of people that I’ve drifted away from over the years. I had a best friend starting in 6th grade. We did EVERYTHING together haha. Jeez we had the best times together. Things got rough sometimes but when doesn’t it dealing with two stubborn girls? We had our share of fights but we always got through them. I was her backbone.. she was mine. But the summer after 8th grade tore us apart.. I’m still not sure why but does it matter? I have the power to block out the past and usually that’s what I choose to do with that memory. Anyway we became really close again in the middle of 9th grade but it was all over after a good winter. She sort of just moved on. We all change.. I understand that so; no hard feelings. Even some of the people you are really sure of them being in your life for.. well forever, don’t turn out quite as you thought. We ended it in a civil manner and that’s all there is to it. I got a new computer so no longer do I have those silly pictures of us, the summer after 6th grade playing in the mud piles. Jeez did we have some fun haha. I’ll always remember what kind of friendship we had, the ups and downs. But unfortunatly most people do leave at one point in life. But we sit back and watch the show, incapable of choseing who stays and who goes..

Day Thirteen

Somebody I wish could forgive me.

Uh nobody.. I haven’t done anything to anybody who didn’t do something terrible to me to make me hate or dislike them. Goodnight.

Day Twelve

Somebody who hurt me the most

I’d rather not say this. The person.. or people who have hurt me the most in my life.. still in some ways are in my life. Plus the things that happend were obviously really horrible .. I’d rather not remind myself to much of what the events were. Just put it this way,one of these people are really shitty and have no feelings. Another made a mistake and you can’t take back the past so we might as well move on .. The next person was just upset over something they did and obviously didn’t want to admitt it. That’s their fault not mine so I don’t know why they were so damn rude to me. I’m over all of it.. for tonight.

Day Eleven

Somebody deceased you wish you could talk to

I wish I knew my fathers dad. My mothers parents are still liveing and they’re wonderful:) my grandfather is such a trip.. he’s one of the greatest men I know and will always be <3 my grandmother on my mom’s side.. she’s amazing and strong, I deffinatly admire her. My grandmother on my dads side.. I don’t know her to well but we have had moments I wont forget:) Atleast i’ve had the honor of meeting her. My grandfather on my dads side however died before I was born. I’ve heard good things about him .. He supported my mother when she most needed it. I’d just love to talk to him and see how he looked.. not just a frozen memory that a picture gives you. I wish I could make moveing memories in my head of him. If I had the chance to bring him back.. I’d have so many questions for him like even what my mother and father were like at that time. Wow it sucks thinking of eveything you’d ask.. almost getting excited, knowing I’ll never have that chance is stupid. But I guess when somebody’s gone they’re gone.. there’s no bringing them back. This question should be booted off. Goodnight.

Day Ten

Somebody I don’t talk to as much as I’d like;

Let’s put it this way.. if I wanted to talk to this “person” don’t you think I would have already? well I don’t procrastinate unless it’s about school work. There isn’t anybody in my life I wish I talked to more because anybody I don’t talk to.. there’s a reason for. Obviously they did something bad to me so why would I wana talk to them? Exactly I wouldn’t. So there you have it. 

Day Nine

One Person I’d Like to Meet..

I’d have to say my dad wins this one. I’ve met him one time but I really know nothing about him except what i’ve heard throughout my life. I know he’s sometimes afraid of planes.. but that’s pretty much it. I wana know everything.. what’s his favorite color. Does he like sports? What would the one moment in his life be if he had the chance to go back and change it. Does he like dessert. What’s his favorite part of the world. Was he a badass in high school. I wana know what kind of advice he would give me in all my stupid situations. I don’t think it’s a crime to want to know your dad more. I wana know why he doesn’t get himself in order. One day i’ll make sure I find out everything there is to know about him.. One day.